Online Tour

  • Startup Page

    Select a Museum, a tour, view the tutorial or change settings.

  • Tour Page

    Once you have selected a tour, you can choose to view the regions and stops available on your tour.  You can jump from one area to another, start the tour in reverse direction if you like - or jump around to see the one artwork you can't wait to get to.

  • Artwork Detail

    View your work of art on the tour, while listening to the informative audio regarding the piece.   You can pause, rewind, playback - or skip the audio if you choose.

  • About Artwork

    Additional menus are available for you to review Artist info, Timeline, Provenance, and anything else that the Museum wants to portray about the Artwork.

  • Map, Areas Of Interest

    View your location as related to the rest of the tour and the museum.  Find the closest exit, restrooms, gift shops, cafeteria and more.  Bee-line to your favorite artwork in the tour - walk back to something you missed.

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