Artists Guide

Imagine the ability to be able to portray your own works of art on a downloadable Smartphone Application customized specifically for you! Did you meet someone at a venue, who asked to see samples of your work? Are you looking to broaden your audience?  Are you trying to get your name out there?

The My-Guides Team understands the need for today’s Artist to be able to display their works easily on a technical, mobile resume to compliment their existing portfolios.  The My-Artist-Guide App will allow viewers, curators, museums, interviewers, or any audience to easily scan through each of your pieces, view the electronic “wall label” of each work-of-art,  connect commentary on your work through social media links, and many more features.  Simply ask any person to download your own My-Artist-Guide App to see who you are and what your work is!

We are excited to be partnering with local Florida Artists, to help them develop their own My-Artist-Guides Applications.  Please note that we are not only limited to Florida. Due to the high-demand of our services, the My-Guides team is currently working with an exclusive handful of Artists, but in honor of the Arts, we are open to all application development requests from all Artists.   Please contact us today at  

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