Happy New Year!!!

Last year was very exciting with the launch of our line of products for Museums. We have new products launching soon and we are very excited about 2012. From all of us at My-Guides, wish you a very happy new year!!!!


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    precisely what depends on the correct way decreased that urine osmolarity is going to be? The subsequent guidelines take part in manufacturing hyposmotic urine: One particular. Reabsorption from the proximal tubule seriously isn't stricken by ADH.

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    David North, a fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C., that examines immigration policies, said the foreign investors in the EB-5 program are primarily motivated by a desire to get green cards for them and their families, not to find lucrative propositions.

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    He gave credence to the Egyptians' official account of Friday's incident, saying they "have all of the capabilities, including the ability to operate from the air, and at short notice, against such (rocket) squads ... It's a relatively simply operation."

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    The company instead now uses a former elevator factory 30 miles away in Horn Lake. A McAuliffe spokesman said about 100 small electric vehicles were built by the time McAuliffe resigned from the company in December. The thousands of promised jobs have yet to materialize.

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    The federal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' Immigrant Investor Program also designates so-called "regional centers," companies that have authorization to handle the company's EB-5 investments — and can collect thousands of dollars in fees from foreign investors to process their visa applications.

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    Since the 2009 groundbreaking, GreenTech has changed its business plan. Instead of producing versions of the four prototypes it showcased then, including hybrid cars, it now says its plant, when built, will have the capacity to make 30,000 electric vehicles each year, including a sedan and small electric vehicles known as MyCars. It now aims to have the first ones rolling off the line in Tunica by April.

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    Investigators were still working to determine the relationships among the 22-year-old Crowell, the boy and the two homicide victims, Parrillo said. It is unclear whether Crowell was living in the home, was a guest or was uninvited, he said.

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